• Ramee Ramee

    Ramée creëert volwaardige kunstwerken, waarbij het luisterplezier nauw verbonden is met het visuele en tastbare aspect. Een collectie voor kenners!

The RAMÉE label was founded in 2004 by Rainer Arndt.
In only four years, RAMÉE has established itself as a greatly respected label on the Early Music scene. Many releases from its limited catalogue have been highly acclaimed by public and press alike, several receiving numerous awards. Each year sees the production of only six to eight recordings, featuring »hand-picked«, quality repertoire seldom or never-before recorded, or more well-known works in new and exceptional interpretations. The small company maintains extremely high standards — not only in the aural aspect of the recording itself, but also in the musicological, literary, graphic and tactile quality of the jacket and liner notes. RAMÉE creates cds as complete objets d'art, because they believe the ear's pleasure is intimately tied together with that of the eye and the hand. A collection for connaisseurs!