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The first CD by the philharmonie zuidnederland was of works by Wagner and Tchaikovksy, under their chief conductor Dmitri Liss; this second CD promises to be even more spectacular. The principal work, Shostakovich’s Tenth Symphony, caused rapturous enthusiasm in a previous live performance and is very close to Liss’ own heart. Liss tells of the symphony’s première shortly after the death of Stalin in 1953: “In those days, it was extremely hazardous to reveal too much of yourself in a piece of music. Shostakovich was able to manage it and for that he has my lasting and increasing admiration. I come closer to the music’s heart each time I conduct this symphony”. The CD also includes an energetic live performance of Olga Victorova’s Quinlong Azure Dragon. This work too is close to Liss’ heart, as is the composer herself – Victorova is his wife. One more reason for philharmonie zuidnederland to pull out all the stops as they perform this work about a renowned Oriental dragon as well as Shostakovich’s masterpiece with passion and fire.