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Turning his back on the trendy tune, Stéphane Kerecki inscribes his artistic approach over the long term. Since 2003, combining change and continuity, the bass player has relied on two talented musicians of his generation: Thomas Grimmonprez (drums) and Matthieu Donarier (tenor and soprano saxophones). For this project, Kerecki has expanded his trio to a quintet with two major voices in contemporary jazz: saxophonist Tony Malaby, already his accomplice on Houria (Zig-Zag Territoires, 2009), and pianist Bojan Z, with whom he has many things in common, in particular their Serbian origin. Harmony manifested itself between the five musicians from the first rehearsals prior to recording in January 2012: 'I was stupefied,' confesses Stéphane Kerecki, 'by the way in which, without necessarily talking too much, each one contributed a stone to the edifice.' It appeared natural to choose a composition by Stéphane as the album title: 'Sound Architects'. Out of the twelve tracks, Stéphane (alone or in collaboration) wrote eleven of them, the twelfth being a Serbian folk tune. In solo or at the head of the group, in the little pieces (the three 'Snapshots' lasting barely a minute) as in the collective performances, the leader makes his double bass speak nicely, including with the bow. To this elegant spareness respond Tony Malaby's density and Matthieu Donarier's lightness, both alternating on tenor and soprano, and Bojan Z's incisive lyricism.

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