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Perspectives is an a cappella ensemble comprising five singers who explore every kind of music, from the Renaissance to jazz and popular song. Their new album, ‘Songs of Experience’, is a journey through emotions and sentiments. ‘This programme enables contemporary ears to grasp the temporal threads that link Tallis to Tavener, a folksong to a song of today, the better to make their perspectives resonate’, says the group’s founder, Geoffroy Heurard.

The ensemble invites us on a musical itinerary that begins in the Renaissance, enters Romantic territory with Schubert, then traverses the golden age of choral music in the Victorian age, and makes a detour by way of Ohana’s Spain before reaching Jacques Brel and a legendary David Bowie song of 1971, Life on Mars, which is a sensation in the exceptionally inspired interpretation of the five members of Perspectives. With Mathilde Bobot soprano, Marie Pouchelon alto, Sean Clayton tenor, Romain Bockler baritone, Geoffroy Heurard bass-baritone, musical director.