LET OP! Dit box is alleen beschikbaar voor levering in de volgende regio's: Europa en het Middellandse-Zeegebied. We betreuren het dat levering naar andere landen op dit moment niet mogelijk is, foutief geplaatste bestellingen worden niet verzonden.

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I leave the discovery of favorite episodes or events to you. But it’s important to remember that despite Braxton’s compositional craft—the motivating factors behind the music and the formal glue that holds it together—this is, as Braxton intended all along, music that emerges from the particular combination of musicians. George Lewis is one of Braxton’s favorite collaborators, for reasons that should be immediately audible. Muhal Richard Abrams is a rare and fascinating addition to this group. Bassist Mark Helias and drummer Charles “Bobo” Shaw have not often been documented in Braxton’s music, yet they were occasional contributors during this period, and their familiarity with and commitment to the music is obvious. Despite the temporary, even fleeting nature of this ensemble, for me, what emanates from these performances is a spirit which exemplifies the life-affirming status of Anthony Braxton’s music, reveals new information about the past, and gives us hope for the future.

Art Lange