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Artiesten: Naaman Sluchin, Yun-Peng Zhao, Franck Chevalier, Pierre Morlet

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A new landmark on the fascinating path leading to the discovery of Lucien Durosoir. A virtuoso violinist who was so badly shocked by the First World War that he withdrew from the world altogether after the conflict, Lucien Durosoir still composed works for himself alone, which have mostly never been played. Influenced by Debussy, but also by the German romantic composers which he revered before the war, his music shows great formal skilfulness but, at the same time, a degree of inspiration which is often lacking in creative artists much more famous than himself. After a disc devoted to his violin and piano music, Alpha pursues in this line with Durosoir's four quartets, complex and difficult works to play, in which the composer has concentrated the essence of his musical language and personality.

CHOC Monde de la Musique award R 9Classica award