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The numerous sonatas of the violinist-composer Antonio Bertali constitute a fascinating testimony as to the imperial splendour and culture at the Viennese court c. 1650

 After being a violinist in the Accademia Filarmonica di Verona from 1620 to 1624, Bertali left for Vienna where one of the heights of his career was is appointment as Kapellmeister on October 1st 1649, and he would hold this position up to his death in 1669. Even though famous as a violinist in his lifetime, Antonio Bertali is not one of the bestknown composers for violin.

The collection presented here brings together 12 sonatas for three or four instruments and b.c. and proves however that Bertali succeeded in creating a musical oeuvre of great melodic beauty and considerable intellectual depht.

After Bononcini (A 335), Conti (A 309), Caldara (A 324) and Viviani (A 302), the Austrian-born but Italian living Gunar Letzbor continues his research on the Italian-Austrian connections in the Baroque Era.