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This recording has been reissued in the Essential Baroque Masterpieces collection with an exclusive interview of Bertrand Cuiller: 

"With this programme of English music of the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, I realised what is every musician’s dream: to record and share with others a repertory very close to my heart. It was in 2005, and it was my very fi rst disc. The choice of what I was going to record was even more important than usual. It seemed to me that this was the music that I was most ready to present to the public, and that would represent me best – since, for a young performer, a disc is also a visiting card.

I discovered the music of the English virginalists at the age of fi fteen, when I heard a concert by Pierre Hantaï on the radio. It was a revelation. I had no idea a musical world like that even existed. I immediately went to play some of these pieces to Pierre Hantaï himself. That was my fi rst approach to this repertory on the keyboard. Then the process of familiarisation with it – like the progress of a relationship that gradually becomes more intimate – took place over ten years or so, until 2004, when I began a long period of preparation for this recording. The King’s Hunt and the In Nomine by Bull, The Queen’s Alman by Byrd and the Dolorosa of Philips – which you might describe as constant companions of mine – formed the basis of the programme. Then I played my way through the entire output of Byrd and Bull so as to build the rest of it around them. I absolutely wanted to record on the Martin Skowroneck virginal belonging to Skip Sempé. I was also lucky that Philippe Humeau had just fi nished his Ruckers double transposing harpsichord, a magnifi cent and rare instrument, which guided some of my choices. The English repertory is very extensive. It was a true pleasure to have to select pieces from so many marvels.

I decided on the title Pescodd Time after the recording was fi nished. It was the ideal title for this album: it speaks of time – ‘the pea-gathering season’ in Elizabethan English – and it encapsulates the poetry and mystery of the Virginalists."

- Bertrand Cuiller

Choc de l'année Classica 2016 (Label) award