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LABtrio talking about its new project: ‘For our latest album we explored the world of chamber music, with a lot of elaborated compositions and extensive improvisations. This time, we are fi guring out who we have become after ten years of LABtrio. Over the years, we have built a varied repertoire and a uniqueness we want to stress with our new album. The challenge is to expand and dig in our identity and our story as a trio, as well as to breathe new life into it.’

To accomplish this, Lander, Anneleen and Bram look for lyricism and drive, melodies and beats, that project LABtrio. Inspired by different musical genres, ranging from classical music to pop and electronics, they selected their favourite ‘non-guilty pleasures’.

When all these ingredients come together, one can expect a third album that will be a range of new collectively composed works and older never-heard compositions, recycled and refreshed by the band members, combined with some covers, on which the musicians wanted to leave their own mark.