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The group NASA NA, made up of Pierre Van Dormael, Fabrizio Cassol, Michel Hatzigeorgiou and Stéphane Galland was formed in 1989 at the time of the opening of ‘De Kaai’, the legendary Brussels jazz club. There, all risks were permitted, and a series of musicians experimented together with a new kind of music. Initially called NASA NA GROUP, which means ‘I have a group’, NASA NA developed naturally, creating great cohesion between its members.

When the group broke up in 1992, Fabrizio Cassol, Michel Hatzigeorgiou and Stéphane Galland formed AKA MOON, and Pierre Van Dormael would join them on a few occasions for concerts and recordings.

Despite the public’s expectations at the time, this laboratory group would not release an album, even though its members all had a major career, especially as regards recordings. This absence is now made good at last thanks to the release of this disc event based on live recordings from 1991! A must for all the fans from the beginning and an extraordinary discovery for everyone else. It is also an homage to the late, great musician-composer Pierre Van Dormael and a unique sound document attesting to his genius.

Pierre Van Dormael : Guitar, Fabrizio Cassol : Saxophone , Michel Hatzigeorgiou : Bass, Stéphane Galland : Drum

INSTINCT Collection

The Instinct collection (Outhere Music) will showcase the manifold musical facets of saxophonist-composer Fabrizio Cassol. Leader of the avant-garde jazz trio Aka Moon, this Protean artist is also active in the worlds of dance, opera, theatre and even hip-hop.