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The Maxwell Quartet’s recording debut stands out for its innovative approach: each of Haydn’s Op. 71 quartets is paired with a tune, or set of traditional tunes, from the ensemble’s homeland of Scotland. This prize-winning quartet believes classical music has a strong connection to its folk music heritage and aims to marry the two together with this unique and meaningful programme. Interspersing each of the three Op. 71 quartets, are the Maxwells’ own arrangements of traditional Scottish music designed to both celebrate and acknowledge the folk music heritage which influenced both performer and composer centuries apart. Surprisingly there are relatively few recent recordings of the Op. 71 quartets, yet they contain some of Haydn’s most virtuosic writing for string quartet. Each quartet has its own unique quality: No. 1 is overwhelmingly joyful, No. 2 is lyrical and romantic and No. 3 is perhaps the most compositionally innovative of the set. Hailed as superb storytellers and great communicators, the Maxwell Quartet’s inventive debut will add to its growing reputation as one of the UK’s most exciting strings quartets.