LET OP! Dit box is alleen beschikbaar voor levering in de volgende regio's: Europa en het Middellandse-Zeegebied. We betreuren het dat levering naar andere landen op dit moment niet mogelijk is, foutief geplaatste bestellingen worden niet verzonden.

Artiesten: Larry Grenadier, Michael Adkins, Russ Lossing, Paul Motian

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There is a tendency to see jazz performance divided between uptempo numbers and ballads, but Adkins is perhaps concerned with something different, a thoughtful, alert, observant gait – Henry David Thoreau preferred to talk about ‘sauntering’ – that offers the player a new relationship with his surroundings. Adkins’ immediate surroundings are familiar enough, the group he unveiled on a previous hatOLOGY 660 recording Rotator; only the bassist is a newcomer. Saxophone, piano, bass fiddle and drums – nothing new there, one might think. Except that Adkins does propose a new relationship between the constituent elements...These themes invite the listener to join the company, take a stroll, ‘let him be drawn by the attractions of the terrain’ and the encounters he might find there. We walk. We listen. We’ll hear.

- Brian Morton