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Magnificat's 25th anniversary recording, Scattered Ashes, features contrasting and parallel works of great passion inspired by the meditations of the infamous Dominican friar Girolamo Savonarola.

These Latin settings by eight great vocal composers of the sixteenth century display a variety of scoring, textures and harmonic language that is mirrored in their intensity and attention to detail.

Josquin's Miserere, referred to as 'epic', 'massive', 'courageous' and 'bold' with similarities in stature and significance frequently drawn between the music of Josquin and Beethoven, opens the programme. Josquin's musical architecture, and his sensitivity to the text, combine to produce a work of astonishing delicacy, with kaleidoscopic twists and turns, rich and subtle use of texture, and variety exploiting and illustrating the text with a heartfelt empathy. Both challenging and thrilling to sing, Josquin's Miserere perfectly demonstrates why Magnificat's world-class reputation for clarity, flawless intonation and purity of tone is second to none.

2016 Gramophone Award Nominee
'Early Music'

5 stars - '...poised, subtly expressive and finely balanced readings from the vocal ensemble...[including a] radiant performance of Palestrina's Tribularer, si nescirem.' BBC Music Magazine

5 stars - 'Beautifully balanced singing, super-smooth and refined.' Choir & Organ

Artistic Quality 10 / Sound Quality 10: ' ...the tribute to the music's excellence is confirmed in these performances, so sensitively phrased and caringly inflected, carried by an exceptionally well-balanced ensemble of compatible voices. Highly recommended .'