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Ingrid Fliter is set to thrill her fans with a new LP. To make it extra special this is a 45rpm Supercut, 180g vinyl.

Ingrid performs repertoire that is very close to her heart: the iconic piano concerto by nineteenth century heavyweight, Robert Schumann. Ingrid brings the lyrical romanticism of the A minor concerto to life whilst perfectly navigating the shifting colours and technical demands of this brilliant showpiece.

Schumann gives equal focus to soloist and orchestra, allowing the musicality of the SCO's award-winning musicians to shine through, as they partner Ingrid perfectly.

This also marks the recording debut of Antonio Méndez, who is fast becoming one of the most exciting conductors of his generation following engagements with a host of international orchestras.

**** '...there's still room for something fresh to be said with this evergreen music...Fliter plays with tautness and energy, fitting hand-in-glove with the smaller chamber-orchestra forces of the SCO and drier recorded sound. Heartfelt and intelligent, this is life-enhancing music.' BBC Music Magazine

Drive Discovery: 'The wait was worth it. She brilliantly tackles Schumann's shifting colours and technical demands head on, not for a moment compromising the work's lyricism.' Classic FM