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There is a common understanding that we all share of freedom and spontaneity framed within underlying structures accompanied by a loving nod to the jazz legacy. The compositions heard on this CD evidence a diversity of idioms and styles unified by a common aesthetical approach. This is a group where straight ahead and free jazz clearly intersect with a feeling of immediacy and urgency that is palpable. Enjoy the music. — David Liebman We covered a lot of ground on Different But The Same (hatOLOGY 615) but due to the fact that Tony and Jim are now contributing compositions I think Renewal has even more scope and is a more personal statement from the group. Tony’s «Palpable Clock» is a ten bar blues and Jim’s «Cha» is a melodic essay written in 7/4. Dave’s «Dimi and the Blue Men” reflects his recent trip to Mauritania while «Renewal» is one of his signature deep ballads. Of my own pieces, «The Decider» is a multi-sectioned composition while «Instant Counterpoint« begs the question of whether it is written or completely improvised. Even I don’t know for sure. — Ellery Eskelin