• Nicky Campbell

    Moonlight's back in style (songs by Nicky Campbell)

    Mark Moraghan

    Moonlight's back in style (songs by Nicky Campbell) 1 cd AKD 345
    Linn Records

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'...it's an easygoing and likeable set of songs. Old swing fans should find plenty to enjoy.' Allaboutjazz.com

'All in all it's a delight.' The Sunday Post

'Moraghan sings with the gusto of Sinatra...' Daily Telegraph

A modern take on the swing style, the album features original material written by Sony Award-winning composer Nicky Campbell whose perceptive songwriting with subtle contemporary references complement Mark Moraghan's vocals remarkably.

Mark Moraghan, best known for his acting roles in Brookside and Holby City, first showcased his singing talents on the BBC series Just the Two of Us, where his rich tone and extraordinary vocal skills did not go un-noticed. Mark is joined by exceptional musicians including the pianist, big band arranger and musical director, Paul Buck. The outstanding band also includes bassist Mark Howell and drummer Sam Brown with guest vocals by Margo Buchanan.