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    Embracing contemporary musical expression throughout the entire contemporary landscape of creative music, OUTNOTE aims to transcribe the stimulating aesthetic vitality of our age faithfully and in the finest detail...

OUTNOTE Records, a label devoted to jazz, reflects all the vitality of creation today with the highest standards in terms of artistic choices and realisation, combined with the openness to innovation that constitutes the very essence of this 'most learned type of popular music'.

For OUTNOTE Records, recording still represents the medium by which a musician propels his inspiration from the development stage to that of an elaborated work, captured in a particular moment of vast time without, for all that, being rigid.

The label has given voice to some of the most creative pianists in the jazz sphere: Richie Beirach, Bill Carrothers, Joachim Kuhn, Philippe Le Baraillec, Ronnie Lynn Patterson, Eric Watson, and Kenny Werner, in particular in the 'Jazz & The City' collection. It has proposed creative groups such as Dave Liebman's legendary Quest or the electro group After In Paris, and launched the young singer Leila Martial, particularly well received by the media.

This desire for openness and plurality is also manifest in the realisation of projects such as drummer Stéphane Galland's 'Lobi', which takes inspiration from world music, and strong works of the jazz of this early 21st century by the quintet of bass player Stéphane Kérécki or Jean-Paul Celea's trio. An important place is also reserved for young musicians who will be tomorrow's ambassadors of this jazz that no longer recognizes boundaries and quite naturally rubs shoulders with a multitude of different styles in current music (electro, hip-hop, rock, pop), of which the group LABtrio is an excellent example.