• Fuga Libera Fuga Libera

    With a repertoire stretching from late baroque to contemporary music, and supported by eminent actors of the European musical life Fuga Libera's catalogue presents a growing collection of publications mixing classical music with other music genres.

Fuga Libera was founded in 2004. With its catalogue of more than 80 titles, it is one of Belgium’s most lively and active labels. The catalogue reaches from the baroque to the romantic repertoire. Fuga Libera invests in the future by profiling itself explicitly as a platform for young musicians. Creative and durable collaborations with musicians who are at the beginning of their professional careers, as well as with musicians who already developed an international reputation form the heart and the soul of the label. Through an open dialogue with partners such as festivals, concert halls, and music schools Fuga Libera plays an important role in the development of musical talent. Moreover Fuga Libera is a platform for experiment, where different musicians can meet each other, exchange musical ideas, and develop new musical alliances.