• Fonti Musicali Fonti Musicali

    Outhere Music is very proud to have been called upon to digitise part of the catalogue of the Fonti Musicali label, which specialises in recordings of traditional dances and ethnomusicological documents, valuable both for their beauty and history.

Appreciating such an original and varied collection represents a compelling and symbolic gesture for Outhere, since all of its labels offer productions ranging from early music to contemporary music, including jazz and world music, and all these genres have, in one way or another, been influenced by folkloric and ethnic styles throughout their history.

The Belgian label, which was founded by Claude and Lou Flagel, produced its first field recordings in 1965, before releasing its first vinyl records in the seventies and earning a reputation with fans of folkloric and ethnic music. The Fonti Musicali catalogue is interesting because it enables us to (re-)discover and preserve musical traditions that are constantly threatened by modern times. This collection, with its straightforward/raw recording processes for authentic sound reproduction, and produced by curious and experienced musicians such as Benoît Quersin, Claude Flagel ... rather than ethnologists, gives music lovers the opportunity to learn more about these often-unknown repertoires. It includes melancholic serenades from Cabo Verde as well as mystical prayers from Bengal, and songs of joy from the Congo and nearby regions. The remainder of the collection consists of traditional Latin (Brazil, Portugal, Sicily…), Franco-Walloon, Balkan and oriental repertoire recordings.

The recordings, which have been stripped of any frills and were captured in their original territories, reveal people’s visceral need to express themselves with dance or song; a characteristic that people throughout the world have in common, something that unites them: being transfixed by music.