In Greek mythology Acheron is the river that Orpheus crossed to rescue Eurydice from the underworld. As its name implies, L’Achéron wants to open a path between two apparently opposed worlds: that of the living and that of the dead, the past and the present, idealism and reality.

Created in 2009 by François Joubert-Caillet, L’Achéron brings together a young generation of musicians from the four corners of the world, united around a shared vision: to rethink the accepted tenants of ancient music interpretation while making it more comprehensible for today’s public.

L'Achéron's formation varies depending on the musics it performs, the viol consort being its predilection form. 

Based in Luxembourg, L’Achéron has been invited to participate in numerous festivals and musical seasons in Europe (Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Switzerland, etc).

L’Acheron records with Ricercar who produced its’ first CD dedicated to Anthony Holborne, “The Fruit of Love”, received with enthusiasm by both public and press. Their next CD, Samuel Scheidt’s “Ludi Musici” will be available autumn 2015.