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Zanaida : Sara Hershkowitz, soprano

Tamasse: Marina De Liso, mezzo-soprano

Mustafa: Pierrick Boisseau, baryton

Roselane : Chantal Santon, soprano

Cisseo : Daphné Touchais, soprano

Osira : Vannina Santoni, soprano

Silvera : Julie Fioretti, soprano

Aglatida : Majdouline Zerari, mezzo-soprano

Gianguir : Jeffrey Thompson, tenor


After a long war, Soliman, the Turkish emperor, and Tamasse, the Persian sophi, decide to seal the peace between their two countries and, to this end, exchange hostages. The preliminary treaty stipulates that, in order to make this alliance more solid, Tamasse will wed Zanaida, Soliman's daughter. Meanwhile, the sophi falls in love with Osira, a Persian hostage sent by the emperor. The future Turkish bride arrives in Isfahan with a magnificent retinue. This is where the action of this opera begins, the plot skilfully mixing Tamasse's infidelity, Zanaida's magnanimity, the ambition of Roselane and Osira, and Mustafa's honesty.

A particularly appealing opera by the fourth and last of Johann Sebastian's sons whose life was atypical for a Bach, carrying out his career not in Germany but in Italy and England.

Choc Classica award