• Willisau Live

    Ellery Eskelin Trio

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We see many familiar faces each time we perform in Willisau and it’s always wonderful to reconnect with our friendsover the years. It’s that warm feeling combined with a heightened awareness of the special nature of this annual eventthat makes this place, these people and these performances so memorable. This concert was recorded for SRF 2Kultur and the combination of good vibes (on the part of the audience) and technical acumen (on the part of the recordingengineers) resulted in a document that I feel is worth sharing. Please note that any distortion you may hear in thesound of the Hammond organ was original to the instrument and not introduced in the recording process. These vintageinstruments each have their own particular character and Gary Versace truly brought this B3 to life in all it’s gloriousgrit and soul. Gary’s nearly telepathic musical mind along with Gerry Hemingway’s absolutely unique approach tothe drums infused the music this evening with a very special and rare chemistry. It was a great pleasure for me and Ihope you enjoy listening.

Ellery Eskelin, November 2015