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Giovanni Antonini and his ensemble Il Giardino Armonico celebrate the composer who made them famous: Antonio Vivaldi. Their recordings of The Four Seasons and Cecilia Bartoli’s famous first Vivaldi recital left an indelible mark on the discography of the Red-haired Priest! Their musical fireworks display continues with a programme of concertos that is bound to provoke strong reactions, since it is the result of a meeting with a musician who is equally adept at shifting boundaries, the violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja. Together they have devised a programme entitled WHAT'S NEXT VIVALDI?, which interweaves ultra-virtuosic concertos by Vivaldi (Il Grosso Mogul RV 208, La Tempesta di Mare (for violin!) RV 253, and RV 157, 191, 550 among others) with, between each concerto, short pieces written by much more recent composers, Luca Francesconi, Simone Movio, Giacinto Scelsi, Aureliano Cattaneo and Giovanni Sollima, and mostly commissioned by Patricia Kopatchinskaja especially for this programme.

OPUS KLASSIK award Presto Classical Editor's Choice award

"Throughout, Antonini and Il Giardino Armonico are willing accomplices. (…) this is a wonderful extension of their special connection to the Red Priest's music."
"Simone Movio's Incanto XIX on the other hand is an eerie, dream-like distillation of the Baroque concerto ethos."
BBC Music Magazine
"(…) the playing from Kopatchinskaja, including the finest gradations of vibrato control and agogic phrasing, is exceptional and the idea of a first among equals unavoidable. This album is cohesive, illuminating at every turn and filled with complex joy for all its eccentricities and non sequiturs."
The Strad
"It cannot be denied that Kopatchinskaja's playing is riveting and will challenge any preconceptions about how this music should sound. Nevertheless, as someone who seeks to understand and appreciate most interpretative ideas, Kopatchinskaja and Antonini often go beyond what I can accept."
The Classic Review
"...when Patricia Kopatchinskaja, that flaming free spirit of the fiddle, attacks four Vivaldi violin concertos (he wrote about 230), you know that the music-making will be special. Playing alongside Giovanni Antonini's group, Il Giardino Armonico, no shrinking violets themselves, she hurtles through notes with such dizzying speed and athletic force that the listener's head starts to whirl..."
The London Times
"...Perhaps this is not Vivaldi to everyone's taste, but in all likelihood, it contains something of the urgency that Vivaldi's music had for audiences in its time, and this justifies the idea of dialogue with contemporary creativity."
"...But there's certainly something refreshing in this amalgam of works of great quality, it must be said, united by the same sound and the same fervour of interpretation."
"Those who want to stay within safe boundaries can therefore avoid Patricia Kopatchinskaja.."
" idea and an approach to Vivaldi that has never occurred to any other classical violinist! Some conservative critics who cannot accept her interpretive freedom, but I believe Kopatchinskaja is the future of classical music."
"Listen to Luca Francesconi's Spiccato il volo, a solo violin piece, for an idea: this is a technically brilliant work, and Kopatchinskaja pairs it to good effect with some of the more extreme Vivaldi concertos, all delivered in rock-'em, sock-'em style by the violinist, with Giovanni Antonini and the historical-instrument group Il Giardino Armonico."