• Violinwerke des Dresdner Schule

    Ricercar Consort, François Fernandez

    Violinwerke des Dresdner Schule 2 cd RIC 232

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Italian violinists invaded germanic countries from the beginning of the 17th century, with Farina in Dresden, Marini in Neuburg and Bertali in Vienna. Their influence was considerable, stretching over the entire Empire to the furthest flung towns of Central or Northern Germany. The Italian sonata went hand in hand with the violin, exemplifying a taste for the fantastic and the baroque. Michal Praetorius, despite his knowledge of Italian musical practice, preferred to discuss the instrument under its German name of "Geige", although the term of "violino" soon began to appear in every musical publication. In this eagerly awaited, special prized re-release of his remarkable anthology of early violin music, Franois Fernandez gives a us a masterly and higly seductive lesson of style.