This beautiful recording features of some of Mendelssohn's loveliest music.

Originally released in 2004, Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto has been re-issued as part of Linn's ECHO series which offers a second chance to enjoy the best of the label's award-winning recordings

Acclaimed both as a conductor and violinist, Joseph Swensen combines his considerable talents in this, his first collaboration with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. This exceptionally beautiful recording of some of Mendelssohn's loveliest music showcases Swensen's skills as a virtuoso violinist with playing of unusual grace.

The Hebrides , widely known as 'Fingal's Cave', is one of Mendelssohn's most popular works; its programmatic depiction of the Scottish sea cave has captured the imagination of listeners for many years. The Violin Concerto marks Mendelssohn's last large orchestral work. Considered an essential work for all aspiring concert violinists to master, it remains one of the most frequently performed concertos. Many regard the 'Scottish' Symphony as Mendelssohn's best orchestral work; once again taking inspiration from Scotland (this time Holyrood Chapel), the symphony contains one of Mendelssohn's finest scherzos.

Dedicated to Dorothy Delay.

'An exceptionally beautiful recording of Mendelssohn, with violinist Joseph Swensen...Lack[s] nothing in attack or passion but benefit[s] in clarity of detail from the chamber size of the ensemble and the superb recording standards befitting this label.' The Observer