• John Blow

    Vénus & Adonis

    Céline Scheen, Marc Mauillon, Les Musiciens du Paradis, La Maîtrise de Caen, Bertrand Cuiller

    Vénus & Adonis 1 dvd Alpha 703
    Alpha Classics

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With the participation of: Louise Moaty

 After the successes of Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme and Cadmus & Hermione , Alpha is continuing its audiovisual exploration of lyric repertoires offering, for the first time on DVD, John Blow’s Venus and Adonis , accompanied by his Ode to Saint Cecilia .

All the components that contributed to the success of the first two DVDs are again present here: body movements, ballets, candle lighting, ‘restored’ English...

This is also the occasion to discover the conducting talent of Bertrand Cuiller, whose approach to these works features relief, virtuosity and sensitivity.