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This recording has been reissued in the Essential Baroque Masterpieces collection with an exclusive interview of Skip Sempé: 

"In the last thirty years, most of what has changed is quite simply generational, amongst the musicians themselves. Sometimes you have to preserve what you have worked for, and other times you have to take the risk of giving in to something that you may or may not want, knowing that all interpretation is essentially experimental and temporary by nature. We rediscovered an extraordinary Renaissance orchestral sound that had not yet been heard in our time. It was made possible not by the decision to perform on ‘period instruments,’ but rather by an assembly of extraordinary virtuosos who play with complete freedom of musical expression and invigorating instrumental abandon, encouraged by the fact that they are not afraid of the ‘conductor’.

One has to remember that when one offers oneself to the ‘marketplace’ of concerts or recordings, the ambition of this exercise is to provide an interpretation that is as competent as – or even more compelling than – anything heard before, or maybe even anything that is being currently offered. This is something of a challenge, but in some isolated instances, a recording such as Venezia Stravagantissima is already considered to be an historic, reference recording of this repertoire, though it was only recorded fi fteen years ago. Tempus fugit."

- Skip Sempé