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ARS TROBAR COLLECTION Under the term of Joy, Millenarium pays homage to the nonconformism and the unbelievable refinement of the troubadours and the jongleurs, who have passed on the spirit of a music that is open to the world and perpetually renews itself. At the time of the troubadours, love of the heart was in direct opposition to sensual pleasure, for all were convinced that love and full physical satisfaction were incompatible. The result of this was the invention of platonic adultery, which at least had the merit of clearly distinguishing emotional exaltation (le Joy, as described by Chrestien de Troyes of Wolfram von Eschenbach) from sexual pleasure This CD explores the misteries of the Joy through a selection of songs by Bernard de Ventadorn, Gaucelm Faidit, and Beranguier de Palol, interpolated with instrumental dances, as if it were a theatrical performance : Millenarium's affinity with past ages does not prevent its musicians from using modern means to portray a modern and personal vision of these medival lyrics of courtly love.