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This first album of the Russian pianist, harpsichordist and organist Olga Pashchenko – student of Alexei Lubimov and Richard Egarr; prizewinner of several international music competitions (‘Schloss Kremsegg’ for fortepiano in 2011; ‘Hans von Bulow' for piano in 2012…) depicts the rebellious and yet very tender metamorphosis between two ‘states’ of art – Classical and Romantic. Dussek, Beethoven, and Mendelssohn stand at the crossroads of the two styles; demonstrating how the transformation to Romanticism was subtle and hidden in the smallest details of the well-composed, transparent architecture of the music of the Classical period. The two original instruments (Conrad Graf 1826 & Donat Schoeffstoss 1812) chosen with care by Olga Pashchenko are in possession of a great clarity of sound, and uncover immense timbral possibilities, allowing one to play with the rhetoric as much as with the colours.

Luister 10 (Good) award ffff Télérama award