Ugab : a new collection devoted to the world of the organ


1 multi-channel SACD - Total time: 78'25
Packaged in a digipak DVD format


The organ is not only a musical instrument; it's also a fascinating machine, whose complexity has increased along the centuries. This new collection aims to discover them, to get closely acquainted with them. But a great part of the magic, proper to the organ, refers to the context that surrounds the instrument. It's quite normal, when entering into a church, to look up and see if an instrument is installed in the building. An organ is not only about producing sounds, it occupies a place in space and in the architecture. In order to reflect the power of this spatiality, we have decided to use, on top of the standard stereo, a multi-channel sound in 5.0, for the music lovers who are equipped with SACD technology. The new collection will of course have the "Alpha touch": fine presentation, book-like, accurate and complete texts, numerous quality pictures. By introducing instruments chosen in the entire world for their exceptional features, we wish to create a close relationship with the public so as to make the personality of each instrument more reachable. The first reference of the collection (Alpha 650) will be devoted to the organ of Cintegabelle (France), a magnificent instrument build in the early 1740's, whose sound colours emphasizes an original programme of transcriptions compiled from Jean-Philippe Rameau's operas, interpreted by Yves Rechsteiner.
Why the name of Ugab? Because the organ's original ancestor appears (presumably) under that name in the Old Testament, back in the mists of time...


Diapason Or award