• Transatlantic Swing

    John Snijders

    Transatlantic Swing 1 cd hat[now]ART 149
    Hat Hut

PLEASE BEWARE: This box is only available for delivery in the following regions: United States, Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

Transatlantic Swing is a CD of music rich in elusive connections. Some of the music is ‘transatlantic’ because it’s music by Europeans influenced by the Americas, some because it’s music by an American played by a European. In some way all the music ‘swings’, but no two pieces swing in the same way.There’s also a network of friendships between the composers represented here, although together they don’t represent any one tendency in contemporary musical aesthetics. And there’s a network of shared preoccupations in the music here – the balance between process and fantasy in musical form, the dynamics of sound and silence, the reconfiguration of popular music – but not all these preoccupations occur in every piece. — Christopher Fox