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With the participation of: David Soar, Magnus Staveland, Ewa Wolak, Christina Landshamer, Maximilian Schmitt, Florian Boesch

Although Igor Stravinsky is a major personality of the 20thcentury musical landscape, it would be reductive to view him solely through the prism of his works best known by the general public, such as The Rite of Spring or The Firebird. Driven by a constant desire to share with the public his perpetual need for exploration, Philippe Herreweghe invites us to discover one of the composer’s last serial works, ‘sublime but demanding’.

Threni (1957-58) is his longest, most ambitious and complex dodecaphonic score, and probably one of its summits. A work like the Requiem Canticles (1966) goes even further in this direction: the composer’s last masterpiece, it seems to summarise in itself the evolution of an entire lifetime, combining elements from the different stylistic periods that punctuated his career – whilst marking a highpoint in the spiritual quest that became increasingly important in Stravinsky’s life.

In this major album, Philippe Herreweghe reveals with conviction his love for the composer’s music, and under his sure, inspired direction, the Collegium Vocale Gent and the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra reveal their pure poetry.

Music-loving friends, be curious!

Choc de l'année Classica 2016 (album) award