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Collection Norddeutsche Orgelmeister vor Bach Groningen, Martinikerk, Schnitger organ/Helsingr, Sct.Mari Kirke, Lorentz - Frietzsch organ Norden, Ludgeri Kirche, Schnitger organ/Stockholm, St- Getruds church, Grnlunds organ Hoogstraten, Sint-Katharinakerk, Thomas organ 5CD_Total Time 6h0050 The compositions of Dieterich Buxtehude constitute an exceptional body of work that undoubtly crowns the famous Ricercar collection of recordings devoted to the Northern German School of Organ in the Baroque period. Its importance in both quality and quantity makes it the most important evidence of this tradition that was developed over almost a century in the larger cities of the region. To celebrate the start of the Buxtehude Year, Bernard Foccroulle, the new director of the Festival dAix-en-Provence who is also one of the most brilliant organists of our times, uses five historic and modern instruments that, with their different characters faithfully captured by Jerome Lejeune, cast new light onto the richness and the variety of this repertory.

Diapason d'Or 2007 award CHOC Monde de la Musique award Coup de Coeur Charles CROS award Diapason Or award Grand Prix Academie Charles CROS award CHOC Monde de la Musique 2007 award La Clef 2007 award