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Founded in 1992, the Brentano String Quartet of New York is particularly recognized for its interpretations combining perfect technique with peerless musicality: a Class A ensemble.

Their previous volume, devoted to Beethoven's late quartets (named 'Editor’s Choice' by Gramophone magazine), served as the soundtrack for Yaron Zilberman's film A Late Quartet, which brings together a galaxy of stars including Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener and Christopher Walken… Benefiting from this first success, our musicians are now continuing the undertaking with the Op. 135 and 132. A pure crystal of intelligence and brilliance that will doubtless mark a milestone.

USA premiere of the film ‘A LATE QUARTET’ on November 2nd 2012.


« Perhaps this is the greatest gift that Beethoven has given us. He grapples with the vicissitudes of our inner and outer lives, in full acknowledgement of our native suffering, and through the transformative power of art leads us to recognition of beauty and faith in humanity. »