• Guillaume Dufay


    Gothic Voices

    Linn Records

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In a pageant of versatility featuring France’s greatest pre-Renaissance composer we enter the world of a grand New Year’s Day wedding feast, full of optimism and vision, tempered by playful emotional hardship, the music teasingly exploring the relationship between both, solemnised with some of Dufay’s greatest motets and a festive use of instruments to mark the splendour of the occasion. From this final flourish of the mediaeval era we hear in Dufay’s quintessential Burgundian virtuosity how its musical richness has reached the point when it is about to burst into the new artistry and ideas of the Renaissance. The Dufay Spectacle celebrates this artist’s genius with an eclectic show of frolicking and passionate robustness, plaintive devotional ardour, now with slow, dark rhythms, now upbeat cascades of melody, and thrilling complex rhythms. As the central chanson rings out its New Year’s promise ce jour de l’an is indeed a day to celebrate. Gothic Voices (Catherine King, Steven Harrold, Julian Podger and Stephen Charlesworth) are joined by guests including mezzo-soprano Clare Wilkinson and instrumentalists Jane Achtman, Andrew Lawrence-King, Keith McGowan and Emily White.

GRAMOPHONE Editor's Choice award

"What a pleasure, then, to be able to welcome this Dufay recording as matching all the qualities that made Gothic Voices absolute leaders in the field."
"Gothic Voices still sets a high standard for sensitive interpretations of this repertoire."
American Record Guide, 20 August 2018
"4.5* - Given the complexity of rhythm and texture in much of this music, it is wonderful to hear such stylish performances in which vocal flexibility and clarity are never absent."
Limelight Magazine, 2 November 2018
"5* Album of the Month: This is medieval music at its finest...don’t hesitate to add this to your music collection."
iClassical, 27 June 2018
"...with this beautifully produced CD more instruments have been added, producing a disc of greater colour and variety..."
MusicWeb International, 28 May 2018
"5* - ...an attractive program of motets and chansons...Highly recommended."
All Music, 8 May 2018
"Fabrice Fitch's 2018 Critics' Choice: Dufay and the Gothic Voices? Thirty years ago this would have been a dream ticket, so it’s a pleasure to hear them roll back the years with this – particularly since new opportunities to hear 15th-century songs are so thin on the ground these days. A welcome renaissance indeed."
Gramophone, December 2018
"David Fallows' 2018 Critics' Choice: My treat of the year was definitely the return of Gothic Voices with a new recording of songs and motets by Dufay. Not just beautifully presented and assembled with originality and intelligence, this recording features performances that throw new light on this music."
Gramophone, December 2018
"The four singers of Gothic Voices, the mezzo Clare Wilkinson and a quartet of instrumentalists seem perfectly attuned to Dufay’s intoxicatingly elegant, graceful style."
The Sunday Times, 29 April 2018
"The singing and playing are fine, and with this disc Gothic Voices has given us a little over an hour of high-level musical entertainment."
musica Dei donum
"Overall, the disc is excellently performed- the singing is clear and precise throughout, in the finest tradition of Gothic Voices..."
The Consort