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With the participation of: Corina Belcea, Axel schacher, Krzysztof Chorzelski, Antoine Lederlin

In 2001, Zig?Zag Territoires had already perceived the singularity as well as the potential of this ensemble, which had just won the Bordeaux International Quartet Competition. That first encounter had resulted in a very fine disc devoted to the quartets of Janá?ek, widely hailed by the critics (Diapason d’Or).

In the ensuing eleven years, the Belcea Quartet built up a large repertoire and initiated a discography with our colleagues at EMI that attracted considerable attention. Thus this is a particularly propitious moment to implement a new, confident, long?term partnership between Belcea and ZZT. This collaboration is beginning with a complete recording of the Beethoven Quartets, a founding cycle if ever there was one.

The Belcea Quartet began a worldwide tour focussing on this cycle that will continue through the end of the 2012?13 season.

5 Diapason award