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Tajikistan, which borders China and Afghanistan, was formerly a Soviet republic until its independence in 1991. With its many mountains and plateaus, the country has an essentially rural economy, that primarily relies on the production of cotton. Because of its topographically protected position, Tajiki has managed to resist foreign influences, which is why this language has managed to maintain a certain poetic archaism. Tajiki erudite music, for example, is part of the long tradition of Persian modal music, which is more than fourteen centuries old. The various religious beliefs that intertwine in Tajikistan have given rise to a syncretism of spiritual symbolism, which goes as far as to mythically explain the creation of instruments and to classify them depending on whether they evoke Paradise or Hell. The best Tajik musicians are those who manage to express the terror that death inspires and subsequently share the redemption of terrestrial joy with their audience. They are accompanied by a multitude of instruments including the nay flute, the robâb lute, the dhidjak vielles and the daf frame drums.

Recorded in 1989-1990 in Tajikistan by Sorour Kasmaï. 

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