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Philippe Herreweghe and the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra explore the tormented world of Robert Schumann. Symphonies Nos. 2 and 4 plunge us into the psychological tangles of the composer’s mind, reflecting his relentless struggle with melancholy and depression. In these two seminal works, a slow and sombre introduction unveils the main motifs that will unfold throughout, before culminating in an emphatic and optimistic finale. The director from Ghent (and former psychiatrist) Philippe Herreweghe manages to grasp the full complexity of this cathartic process leading us from darkness into light. He delivers a lively and urgent interpretation of these romantic masterpieces, confirming his reputation as an unrivalled performer of the German repertoire.

"These energising accounts of Schumann's (officially second and fourth symphonies are beautifully judged: Philippe Herreweghe's conducting treads a fine line that draws forth most of what's best in them"
BBC Music Mag, March 2020