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«A Timeless Protest, Updated» – 14 years have passed since the recording of Sweet Freedom – Now What? Today, the world is a very different and infinitely more dangerous place. The Berlin Wall has fallen, only to have new ones rise up in Israel and along the US southern border with Mexico; to name a few. Physical walls which separate people for what ever reasons are deemed legitimate, pale before psychological walls caused by economics, politics and wars spanning generations. Civil and human rights fall prey to expediency, caught up in a meat grinder of opinion, while the revolution is being televised in full, bloody and horrific color daily...hourly. Ends justify means, with manifesto, bravado and claims of responsibility. The words from Janis Joplin’s song: «Me and my Bobby McGee», «Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose», give pause for reflection. Still, at the end of the day «TOMORROW IS THE QUESTION», and the question is, NOW WHAT? Joe McPhee, August 2007