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Johann Paul von Westhoff (1656-1705) was one of the most brilliant members of the significant school of violinists that flourished in seventeenth-century Dresden. This impressive virtuoso, who was even applauded by Louis XIV at Versailles, wrote the very first compositions for unaccompanied violin, which of course foreshadow the later masterpieces of Johann Sebastian Bach. The programme recorded here includes some suites from his collection published in Dresden in 1696, as well as the suite that was printed in the Mercure galant of Paris in 1683, following his visit to Versailles.

Diapason Or award

"Plamena Nikitassova is a sympathetic interpreter well versed in the particular demands of this repertoire and the effective means of enlivening it. Her intonation is impeccable and her ability to sustain our interest in the many subtleties of the music is rewarding."
BBC Music Magazine
"This excellent recording by Plamena Nikitassova reveals the enormous talents of this adventurous composer."
Andrew Benson-Wilson Blog