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Adrien-François Servais (1807-1866), the « Paganini of the cello »? This is what the musical world of the middle 19th century thought, when the virtuoso, from Brussels to St. Petersbourg, from Paris to London, from Stockholm to Constantinople, was touring all across Europe with his marvellous Stradivarius. Long-time summarised to Souvenir de Spa, the work of Servais is both a prodigious jugglery exercise that took an important part in the development of the modern cello and a generous hymn to the bel canto and the human voice. Supported by the Ensemble Rosamunde, Didier Poskin, accomplished virtuoso and direct heir from the Servais school at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, plays 4 colourful pages from the favourite cellist of Berlioz, Liszt and Rossini.