• Ludwig van Beethoven

    Sonates pour Piano n°1, 13 & 28

    Hélène Couvert

    Sonates pour Piano n°1, 13 & 28 1 cd ZZT 2041001
    Zig-Zag Territoires

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Following on from Haydn, Hélène Couvert now chooses ‘the vital energy, the creativity and the transcendence of musical forms offered by Beethoven’. She leads us into this introspective world of exploration in the mode of ‘Quasi una fantasia’ – that style of improvisation that takes Beethoven along the paths of modernity.

‘It was precisely this freedom that appealed to me, with its interruptions, its mystery, the absence of predictable form, and the way these works teem with little elements (as in Schumann and Haydn) – yet always held together in a solid framework.’ Hélène Couvert.