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Recorded in the beautiful acoustics of the parish church of Hallstatt (Austria), where Gunar Letzbor was born, this personal and dramatic interpretation of Biber’s most popular work, usually referred to today as the ‘Mistery’ or ‘Rosary’ sonatas, comes back after years of absence. Gunar Letzbor makes his journey through the ‘mysteries’ or events in the life of the Virgin Mary using two different violins and accompanied by no fewer than six musicians playing kaleidoscopic combinations of harpsichord, organ, lute, archlute, two bass viols and double bass – a big continuo group which enhances and intensifies the changing moods of the cycle.

«Gunar Letzbor’s lively, imaginative playing admirably fuses style and drama. He also utilizes two different period violins, each with its own distinctive timbre and colorations. Similarly, the continuo chores are divided between lute, organ, and harpsichord, providing ample textural and expressive variety. The warm recorded sound transports you from your listening room to an intimate stage, where you can comfortably nestle among these marvelous instrumentalist.»

Artistic Quality: 10/ Sound Quality: 10

Jed Distler,

Klara 10 award