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After a first recording of Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations acclaimed by the critics (Diapason d’Or, BBC, Guardian, Le Monde) Filippo Gorini, a student of Alfred Brendel and winner of the first Prize and Audience Prize of the Bonn Beethoven Competition in 2015, pursues a fast-growing career. Here he returns to Beethoven and tackles the perilous Sonata no.29, known as the ‘Hammerklavier’, which the composer himself said would pose a challenge for future generations, along with the Sonata no.32, which according to Thomas Mann represents the supreme accomplishment of and ‘farewell’ to sonata form.

"This is one exciting Beethoven CD. (…) Strongly recommended."
"Gorini’s intellect is way beyond his tender years. This is a Hammerklavier to cherish, sculpted beautifully with full structural awareness, one that nevertheless bends with the wind. Gorini’s grasp of Beethoven’s"
International Piano
"With an unbelievable self-assurance, a courage to create a monumental Al fresco effect, the barely 25-year-old erects the large-scale architectures of "
Fono Forum