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Mozart and Beethoven were the same age when they wrote the pieces assembled here. The tempestuous enthusiasm of their 27 years of age clearly shines in this music.

Indeed, their youth and vitality sparkle, but so does also the incandescent youth of the pianoforte, which had finally reached its full potential. To this we may add a youthfulness of style and aesthetics, continuously inventing and reinventing themselves, searching new codes and opposing recent fashionable trends.

The first half of the Xviiith century, which had promoted the violin to the rank of royal ambassador of its instrumental music, imposed for a long time everywhere in Europe and particularly with French and Italian composers-violinists, the corellian model of the sonata for violin solo and basso continuo. The second half of the century will crown the pianoforte, imposing its rule after its irrepressible dominance over the harpsichord in the 1780ies and offering a new expressive palette to chamber music as well as to the piano sonata.

A new facet of a violinist crosses the discovery of a new talent at the keyboard; a disc not to be missed!...