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On the choice of repertoire

It has long been surprising to me to encounter a sort of flaunted predilection for Béla Bartók’s Sonata in musicians or music lovers. Many years later, when I began planning a CD programme centred on this Sonata, I quite soon ran up against the difficulty of choosing the other works that would echo the piece. After much hesitation, Bach’s Fantasy and Fugue BWV 542, an organ work that had fascinated me from the first time I heard it, imposed itself on me through transcription work in which I had immediately become involved. My choice for the second transcription readily went to a work of a thoroughly different nature. The Suite BWV 822 for harpsichord charmed me straightaway with its very orchestral overture à la française, the Italian influences (‘Aria’), as well as the other pedigreed dances making it up and also close to the French Baroque.

Tedi Papavrami

Diapason Or award