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Violinist Giuliano Carmignola and cellist Mario Brunello: one of the greatest interpreters of Vivaldi and Bach, whose recent recording of the Sonatas and Partitas was described by the authoritative magazine Gramophone as ‘a definite first choice among period instrument recordings of these works’; and his long-time friend Mario Brunello, acclaimed for his personal reinterpretation of that same famous collection on the violoncello piccolo (A469). Accompanied by the Milanese ensemble Accademia dell’Annunciata, they offer a highly original, experimental programme. Inspired by the three existing double concertos for violin and cello by Vivaldi – an unusual coupling in eighteenth century concerto literature – they revisit double concertos by Vivaldi and Bach (the famous BWV 1043 for two violins and BWV 1060 for violin and oboe), transposing the second solo part an octave lower on the violoncello piccolo. Underpinned by persuasive historical and musicological evidence, the approach first and foremost reveals their pleasure in working together on an innovative project. The outcome is a delightful opportunity to enjoy famous pieces in a totally different light.

"Anyone who thinks that rock is not happening in classical music is mistaken. The new album with the Italian specialists of historical performance practice Giuliano Carmignola and Mario Brunello can serve as powerful proof.(...) The Baroque rock concert, brilliantly staged and brilliantly interpreted by Giuliano Carmignola and Mario Brunello together with the Accademia dell'Annunciata, captured on Sonar in ottava, was recorded at the Convento dell'Annunciata, Abbiategrasso, the seat of the ensemble of the same name, whose obviously excellent acoustics provide a worthy ambience for this extremely successful production."
"Carmignola and Brunello are consummate interpreters of the music, and the performances are consistent and idiomatic. The orchestra sounds and plays magnificently. "