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Alexandre Guilmant was a French organist who was active in the period when the orgue symphonique was popular, one who was able to avoid the accepted traditions of the time and the influence of César Franck and his school in particular. Nicolas Lemmens of Brussels was one of his teachers. Guilmant's career involved just as much composing as playing, whilst recital tours took him frequently to Great Britain and to the United States. Joris Verdin here presents not only the monumental Seventh Sonata but also other colourful works by Guilmant. The Willis organ in Dundalk in Ireland has been preserved in its absolutely original state; it suits this repertoire particularly well and also reminds us of the important links that Guilmant had with the Anglo-Saxon lands. This CD also marks the first commercial recording made of this organ.

5 Diapason award 4 étoiles Monde de la Musique award Classique Info Ring award