• Johann Paul von Westhoff

    Sei Partite à Violino, senza basso accompagnato

    Gunar Letzbor

    Sei Partite à Violino, senza basso accompagnato 1 cd A 354

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When, in 1720, Bach assembled the series of Sonata and Partitas, he could rely on the experience of other composers in this genre. After the Six Partitas (1715) by Johann Joseph Vilsmayr, Gunar Letzbor pursues his exploration of the German repertoire for the unaccompanied violin before Bach with the Six Partitas by Johann Paul von Westhoff. 

Westhoff deserves a prominent place in the history of music: his Six Partitas are the earliest collection of suites for unaccompanied violin, printed in 1696. They were a likely inspiration for the Sonatas and Partitas of Bach who, during his first short stay in Weimar (summer of 1703), had the chance of meeting Westhoff who, in his later years, served at the Weimar court of Duke Johann Ernst of Saxe-Weimar.

Liner notes by the authoritative Gregory Barnett and by Gunar Letzbor himself.