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“Rom sam ame !” (“We are gypsies!”) is the result of field surveys by Lou and Claude Flagel between 1972 and 1977. This is a visceral testimonial of the musical heritage of gypsies living in Hungary (population of 300,000). Their a capella ballads tug at your heart strings. These are stories of love and prison, of the desire for liberty and affection, that are sung together as a community to affirm the vestiges of the rom identity, a people always on the move and living on the edge. To them, singing is a way of conferring grace on distress. Music is the link between man, land and his peers. People say that when a Rom dies, his friends gather and sing his favourite songs “to extract the energy from his soul”, to prevent their spirit from haunting from posterity, and to cut the ties with this world. Which attitude better expresses the unique place of music in the life of gypsies?

Original booklet available below in English, French and Hungarian.

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